My earliest memory is of being at Brainerd International Raceway with my parents as my dad was drag racing. The smell of race gas and burning tires have always felt like home for me. This weekend the NHRA Nationals takes over BIR and over 100,000 people are expected to attend. Four of those people are my parents and aunt and uncle, and judging by the Snapchats I've already received, they are having a blast!

This year is the 37th year of Nationals, dubbed the Fastest Show on Earth. But the track isn't just where the action is. Every ticket comes with a pit pass, so fans can watch teams tear down their race cars and rebuild them between races. And of course there is the infamous campground, The Zoo.

I got a picture of my dad last night wearing an old motorcycle helmet he mounted deer antlers to. Taking "zoo" to a new level! When I called and asked my dad about it, he said "This place can get dangerous, you need protection". Have fun at Nationals this weekend everyone, wish I was there with you!

Abbey Minke, Townsquare Media