At this point you are probably wondering 'what on Earth is a pump track?' To be honest, I had no idea until I saw this post on Facebook.

According to Minneapolis' release on the opening of the track, a pump track can be used for a few different purposes:

Also known as an all-wheel park or bike training course, a pump track features circuits of banked turns, mounds and other features. People of all ages and abilities can ride on the track with any type of bike, scooter, skateboard or glider. While novices use them to build skills, pump tracks are also a challenging workout for advanced riders, who skip pedaling and maintain momentum with upper- and lower-body pumping motions.

This YouTube video shows kids having a great time on a similar track:

Some guidelines for the park include always wearing a helmet, entering the track only at a trailhead and avoiding the slopes around the track which are covered with natural vegetation.

The track is located at 300 34th Avenue North in Minneapolis, near the McKinley neighborhood.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There are also pump tracks in Deerwood, Chaska and Plymouth.


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