There are two new songs we think you should know about this week: first up is Florence + The Machine. Most definatley a Brit, Florence is quirky, fun and one of those girls who pulls off the clothes you're not sure you would even attempt. She even admits on her website (which is just as quirky as she is) that much of her wardrobe is purchased the day of the gigs at second hand stores. Her mother is a Harvard Professor of Renaissance Studies and Academic Dean of Arts at Queen Mary, University of London - and it shows in her songs and outlandish videos and performances. We're currently playing 'Dog Days Are Over'. The video we have for you is from a British talk show and gives you a little insight into how down to earth Flo really is.



We're also spinning another British band with an interesting sound: Mumford And Sons. If you were listening to The Morning MIX on Tuesday, our video and web producer Abby Faulkner stopped in to profess her new-found appreciation for this band that mixes Celtic rhythms with Bluegrass guitar backbone. A scant 3 years old, this foursome of West Londoners describes themselves on their website as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young fused with Kings Of Leon. I'm sure you'll be hearing 'Little Lion Man' for years to come on MIX.