Florence + The Machine played the last show on their High As Hope Tour at the Target Center in Minneapolis on Sat. Oct. 20th. The show was phenomenal as usual, with Florence's powerhouse vocals filling the arena with song. She took a quick break before singing "South London Forever" to address the crowd.

"I just want to say, please keep doing good in the ways that you can...Do not give up hope. Do not think that what you're doing is too little or won't make a difference because hope is an action. A revolution in consciousness starts with individuals"

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To wrap up her words of encouragement, she got everyone in the building to join hands.

"Now to make it as hippie as possible, I would like everyone in this arena to hold hands"

And they did. It's amazing what kind of power a 5'9 red head from London has over her fans. Check out the video of her encouraging Minnesotans below!

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