Joel Edwin
Joel Edwin

Joel Edwin, Owner of Rocktown Music here in St. Cloud behind the Crossroads Mall, has new original music on the way, and you'll be able to purchase his CD on May 6th!

This is Joel's 5th original CD. Anyone who is a writer knows what an accomplishment this is, and I'm so excited to hear Joel's new release.

Joel and I were discussing how important it is to have a recording of your life's work. There is something special about a voice recording that you can share with generations of family and friends, even when you are gone. Joel said, "Pictures are one thing, but when you can actually hear the voice of a person that you loved and cared about in a recording, it's like they are still with you." It's definitely a thought that Joel and I share.

The release is being celebrated Saturday, May 6th at Ultimate sports bar from 6-9 pm and you are all invited to attend. All of his past band members that he has performed with and that also performed on the CD will be sitting in. Joel mostly performs as a solo artist these days, but features many talented musicians on his CD including Lisa Ryan, Brooke Michelle, Vic Miller, and even his young son is featured on "Anyway" playing tambourine.

Joel is the Owner and operator of Rocktown Music in Waite Park, located behind the Crossroads Mall. Joel is an incredibly talented individual, who shares his many talents with all of us. Whether it be on piano, guitar, harmonica, cello, mandolin, violin, bass or percussion, he is quite impressive.

I invite everyone to listen to our LIVE interview on WJON AM at 1015 Friday, May 5th, to hear some of his new music, and chat about the life of Joel Edwin!


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