A new brewery coming to Eden Prairie next month is under heavy fire for words that many have construed as sexist and misogynistic.

Fat Pants Brewing Co. -- set to open in early October -- is also on track to set some records. In addition to being Eden Prairie's first dedicated taproom, owner Elizabeth Anderson (24) will be the youngest brewery owner in the U.S. and possibly the world.

Unfortunately, the coming achievements have already been tarnished by some words published in a recent article by Southwest News Media. Speaking with the southwest metro area publication, Anderson's step-mom, Linda Anderson -- co-owner and designer of Fat Pants Brewing Co. -- said, "Because as a woman myself, going into a brewery with him (her husband), he would know immediately the kind of beer he wanted, and I’m looking at the menu going ‘Alright, well, what am I going to like?’ So my whole idea was, while this is Fat Pants, we want to bring a Fancy Pants menu to Fat Pants so that women can walk in and have a menu for them."

The insinuation that women don't know, like or drink craft beer -- or that they need a special menu -- has struck an unfavorable chord with both women and men in the local craft beer community.

"Basically this brewery will feature a 'Fancy Pants' menu for WOMEN," shared one local Instagrammer with over 25k followers. "It contains mocktails and light beer options. UMMM, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?"

"Oh I'm so glad this brewery will have a menu for me!!" drawled another local foodie with over 22k Instagram followers. "I was worried I'd be forced to drink beer with all the men!!"

"While I was excited to see the opening of Eden Prairie's first brewery [sic] I can't support @fatpantsbrewing as long as they have such antiquated ways of thinking," expressed one man. "In 2019, breweries should not focus on catering to specific genders like that, thinking that women don't like beers."

In an email reply from Anderson (Elizabeth), Linda's words have been "heavily adulterated."

"I would like to make it abundantly clear that Fancy Pants/Fat Pants are concepts for everybody. They were incepted under inclusive intentions— Fat Pants as a 'no frills, here for the beer, come as you are' brand personality; and Fancy Pants as an 'alternative to beer, welcoming people who feel uncomfortable navigating a brewery menu, or don’t even enjoy breweries to start' opportunity.

As a women and soon-to-be brewery owner herself, Anderson understands why other women would be upset by the implication that beer isn't for women, though she assures that's not at all what her mom's words were intended to mean.

The idea behind Fancy Pants was never meant to be interpreted or said as 'women can’t like beer' or 'women need a light menu'. As an owner, an avid beer lover, and a woman, I would be frustrated too if I thought someone was saying women can’t like beer'. But that’s truly, sincerely not what Linda was saying at all. The idea was an invitation to people, primarily women because of the feedback from our circles that we run with, who AREN’T in the beer scene (women like Linda— whose husband is a beer fanatic while she is more of a wino). The number of times we have sat at the bar of a taproom to overheard someone, woman or man, ask a beertender 'I don’t like beer, what do you have?' measure more than all of our fingers and toes combined.

Anderson hopes that the local craft beer community, especially those who have taken offense by the article, will give them a chance.

"Come in and meet us face to face. Let’s chat over a beer and share real feedback in a real space. Get to know us like we want to know you."

Fat Pants Brewing Co. is set to open sometime between October 1-7. They'll announce their soft open on Facebook.

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