It appears that some people in America are jealous of the #BoldNorth. Recently a nationwide survey asked where "the most desirable suburban lifestyles" were in the US, and 5 Minnesota cities made the top 175. Surprised? I'm not, especially when you see what cities were listed.

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A recently completed nationwide survey, by, "involved 3,000 American respondents." The aim of the survey was to unveil the most desirable suburban lifestyles across the nation and rank them in a list of 1-175. The top spots fell to cities in states where suntans aren't seasonal like they can be here.

1. Calabasas, California

2. Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

3. Huntington Bay, New York

4. SouthPark, North Carolina

5. Forest Acres, South Carolina

So what 5 cities in Minnesota were people jealous of? Edina, Wayzata, Eden Prairie, Lakeville, and Maple Grove. So now you know what Minnesota cities made the top 175 most envied towns in America, let's see where they finished.

Coming in as the highest-rated Minnesota city was Edina. Edina showed up in the top 45 as being one of the most envied cities in America, at number 43. Here is what the survey said about Edina.

Residents of Edina enjoy a great lifestyle thanks to the town's beautiful parks, tree-lined streets, and strong sense of community. With its excellent schools, safe neighborhoods, and access to recreational facilities, Edina offers a family-friendly environment that fosters a high quality of life. The town's proximity to the cultural attractions of Minneapolis and its thriving local economy provide residents with a well-rounded and fulfilling living experience, making Edina an ideal place for individuals and families seeking a wholesome and dynamic lifestyle in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

The rest of the Minnesota cities finished outside the top 125. Wayzata was next on the list at 135. Here is what the survey said about Wayzata.

With its beautiful views of Lake Minnetonka, charming shops, and restaurants, Wayzata offers a serene and upscale environment for residents to call home.

Eden Prairie was next on the list for Minnesota it came in at 163. This is what the survey said about Eden Prairie on what makes it so desirable.

With its numerous lakes, parks, and trails, Eden Prairie offers ample outdoor activities for residents to enjoy year-round.

At 165 was Lakeville, another south of the Twin Cities suburb that has had explosive growth over the last decade plus. This is what Lakeville is described as having that makes it desirable to other Americans.

Boasting an array of recreational centers, athletic fields, and pathways, Lakeville provides ample outdoor opportunities for its residents.

The 5th and final Minnesota city that was listed on the most desirable cities in America list was Maple Grove at 173. This is what the survey said about the home of the Crimson.

Featuring abundant open areas, pathways, and lakes, Maple Grove presents a myriad of chances for outdoor pursuits and relaxation.

You can check out the whole survey from by heading here. 

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