ST. CLOUD -- After almost two years of construction, the new Tech High School is just a few months away from welcoming its first students.

As each week passes construction equipment continues to move out and spaces look ready for learning. Project Manager Kyle Walter says they've even brought over several things from the old high school.

All of the teacher stuff is over in the classroom side of things, as well as the stuff for the administration area.

Walter says there are a few more items that will be moved over from the old Tech this month.

When it comes to finishing up larger rooms, such as the auditorium, he says crews are waiting for the domino's to fall before those areas wrap up later this month.

Walter says they are also waiting on more furniture, however many spaces like the classrooms, administration office and teacher spaces are set up.

The desks are mobile so ultimately the seating can change as need. The tables are designed to rotate for group projects as well.

He says they still have a lot of cleaning to do throughout the building but everything is on track to open on schedule.

District 742 staff is expected to arrive on August 24th to begin setting up classrooms and get a layout of the facility.


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