All that glitters is not gold...but it might be beer.

About a month ago I learned of a new trend in craft beer called glitter beer. Exactly what it sounds like, it's craft beer infused with edible glitter that makes the drink sparkle in your glass.

Bizarre yet pretty to look at, it's received mixed reviews -- beer drinkers love it while brewers hate it; it makes a mess of their brewing equipment. While already popular in leading craft beer states like Oregon, Texas, and North Carolina, I knew it was just a matter of time before we saw it in Minnesota.


And now, it's here.

Dayblock Brewing in Minneapolis posted to social media Wednesday promoting a glitter beer set for release May 2. Named "We Wear Pink," it's a Hibiscus Saison (yum!) inspired by the 2004 movie recently-turned-Broadway musical Mean Girls.

Whether you're a regular mom or cool mom, this one's for you! But you'd better get to it fast -- when this one's gone, this sparkle is gone for good (or until the next one)!

Looking for something less sparkly? Beaver Island Brewing in St. Cloud never disappoints:

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