Beer enthusiasts, rejoice!

A new craft brewery - Rustech Brewing Company - is coming to Monticello in early 2018!

I discovered this on a fluke, actually. My wife Katie and I recently started a new beer adventure blog. While doing some research on breweries around Minnesota, Google maps seemed to show one right in the heart of Monticello.  Katie and I just moved to Monticello, and I was pretty certain there was no brewery there.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Still, Google seemed pretty insistent that Rustech Brewing Company was really in Monticello, and a quick visit to the website confirmed that Rustech is indeed on its way for early 2018.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 12.59.08 PM

It looks like Rustech Brewing Company will have a co-op structure, meaning ownership will be encouraged and shared equally by patrons and locals alike. If you would like to be a part of Rustech's take off, visit here.

According to the backing site, Rustech will have a "steampunk" look and feel,

displaying gears and pulleys bringing patrons that exciting and inviting experience.

We intend to open a 5 barrel brewery onsite and there will be a minimum of eight beers on taps at any given time, and tasting flights are highly encouraged.

The Brewery tasting room will be a carefully designed space for beer drinkers to enjoy our craft beer offerings. The Taproom will be gently illuminated by exposed bulbs and warm LED lighting. The Entire brew house will be visible when entering the taproom."

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