Today (June 8th 2018) is National Best Friends Day! But let's be real, best friends day is everyday. Whether you have 30 best friends or 3, here are a few Best Friends Day Date ideas to help celebrate the holiday this weekend!

1. Drive-In Movie - That's what my friends are doing tonight! Here is a list of drive-ins and what is playing at each of them

2. Ice cream - You don't have to go far to grab a cone with a friend this evening. Get together and catch up over some soft serve.


3. Make plans for the weekend - Sartell Summerfest is tomorrow. What better way to enjoy your friendship than going to the free street dance?!

4. Explore somewhere new - There are some places around Central MN that you might not know exist! Grab your friends and make an adventure out of it.

5. Act like kids again - Get the bikes or roller blades out and hit the trails. There are a lot of fun ones around the area that will take you right back to your childhood, especially if you're riding with friends!

6. Cool off at the Quarries - Quarry beach was just named the best beach in Minnesota. Grab your friends and a giant unicorn floatie and go celebrate!

Happy Best Friends Day to some of my besties! 


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