1. Dairy Queen - Every town has one. And an ice cream date is timeless.

2. Mall Walk - Heading to the Crossroads Mall and doing a few laps holding hands. Snackin' on some awesome mall food. A favorite amongst high school kids.

3. Eating Somewhere ~*Fancy*~ - When you're from a small town, it's usually the nearest Olive Garden.

4. Walmart - In high school it usually meant driving to the nearest Walmart with your mom's shopping list. As an adult it is running errands but calling it a date.


5. Seeing a Movie - Another timeless classic.

6. St. Cloud Rox Game - The best way to spend a warm summer day. Plus you can bring your dog with if you go on the right day!

7. Driving Nowhere - Getting in the car, and just going where ever the road takes you. While listening to a killer playlist.

8. Summertime By George - Great for first dates. Live music, great people watching, and sitting on a blanket in the grass together. Magical.

9. Lake Day - This one usually ends in a sunburn. Worth it.

10. Beers at the Local Bar - When in doubt, the local watering hole always is the right answer.

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