Every once in a while, I will catch a nap... usually on Sunday during the winter, but if you nap often, well that could be a life or death situation.

The American Journal of Epidemiology published an article with the results from a University of Cambridge study that took 13-YEARS and 16-thousand people.

The University of Cambridge found that those who nap regularly are 33-percent more likely to die before 65-years-old, than those who don't. The main reason is people who nap are about twice as likely to die from a respiratory illness, but there's some holes in the study.

The researchers aren't sure if people who are napping a lot develop breathing problems OR do undiagnosed breathing problems make people tired and want to take naps? Either way, their big recommendation is if you find yourself taking a ton of naps, it's worth going to a doctor to get yourself checked out... you could have an undiagnosed breathing problem.