It's no secret that Chiptole's reputation hasn't been at its best the past few years.

From E. coli outbreaks (the "big one" was in 2015) to the data breach of 2017 to the release of their awful queso last year, Chipotle has been struggling.

In an effort to right their reputation, Chipotle has announced that they're testing five new menu items -- quesadillas, nachos, chocolate milkshakes, avocado tostadas and an updated salad.

Quesadillas are already an off-menu item, actually, if you ask nicely. But they currently take too long to make. Chipotle intends to perfect the quesadilla by bringing in new equipment and make them a full-time menu item. No further details are known about the other new options.

At this point, the new items are only being tested out in New York locations. But if they go over well, we can expect to see them at Minnesota Chipotles in the "near future."

Source: Uproxx

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