They posted a photo of it to Facebook!

About a month ago, my wife and I were visiting a brewery in Minneapolis called Dangerous Man. While at the counter, we noticed postcards available that -- if you filled one out and addressed it -- the brewery would stamp and mail out for you.

On a whim, we decided to write and send one to a friend we made over the summer -- Siggi. We met Siggi while visiting RVK Brewing in Reykjavik, Iceland; he was -- it turned out -- the owner and founder. We struck up a conversation talking craft beer, he gave us a tour of his facility and samples of his beer, we purchased a t-shirt and as we left promised to stay in touch.

Our postcard read,

Hi Siggi! We hope you are well. We miss Iceland -- especially the beer at RVK brewing. Cheers! Your friends from Minnesota -- Ale Adventures, Adam & Katie"

(Ale Adventures, by the way, is our beer blog name)

Yesterday, we checked Facebook to find that Siggi had received our postcard and posted a photo of it to RVK Brewing's Facebook page with the caption, "One of the best things about our taproom is making friends from around the world. And we love hearing from them again. Good beer makes good friends. : TY Ale Adventures"

RVK Brewing Co. via Facebook
RVK Brewing Co. via Facebook

There really is something special about the craft beer scene. The people we've met along the way -- from owners to brewers to patrons -- are some of the nicest, warmest, friendliest people out there. I could go on telling you stories, but I'd rather you stopped in to your local taproom sometime and experienced it for yourself!


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