It's such a widely debated topic in our community lately and I have no idea why this is even a thing--it's the great debate about whether there should be an inclusive transgender bathroom policy. My thinking is, when I have to do my business, I have to do my business. There's really not a whole lot of thought that goes into the process--so, why are we making something so mindless, so complicated?!

First of all, members of the transgender community have been using the bathroom of their choice for years. Has it really been a problem up until now? I've never had a problem with it and frankly, I've never noticed a difference before. I have no idea why this is even a topic of discussion right now? If you have to go to the bathroom then just go to the bathroom.

I've used the men's room as a kid when I'd go places with my dad. My brother would use the women's room as a kid when he'd go places with my mom. Our safety was never a concern or an issue. Everyone was just minding their own business and that's how it should be. Going to the bathroom shouldn't be a group activity.

People are concerned that perverted men are going to start using the women's restroom as a way to peep and be creepy. That's a definite possibility, but what's stopping them from doing that right now? Nothing. No bathroom law is going to stop a pervert from being a creepy pervert. If you're a parent that's concerned about your child, then be a good parent and don't let them use the bathroom alone. My parents would have never let me use the bathroom alone as a kid. I'm so sick and tired of people making issues out of things that haven't been issues in the past! Can we all just stop?

Here's my proposal--if you have a problem with the current bathroom situation then use an outhouse outside. If you're going to complain about being uncomfortable when a transgender person is in the bathroom, then feel free to use an outhouse outside. Do we seriously need a policy about this? Do we really need the government to step in and regulate everything we do including in the bathroom? Have we really lost all of our ability to be rational and compassionate human beings? Have we really forgotten what it feels like to have a full bladder and just need a place to relieve yourself? Fine, then let's all just use the outhouse.This is why we can't have nice things.

We don't need a bathroom policy, but we also need to be respectful to the transgender community and let them do their business when they need to. Or, perhaps include more unisex bathroom options. I think this is a no brainer.