Doppelgangers run in my family.

Back in his college days, my Dad was often likened to Willy Wonka/Gene Wilder. Over the past several years, I've been approached a shocking number of times by strangers who told me I look like Chris Martin of Cold Play. However, I've never heard my mom -- a quiet, unassuming woman -- compared to resemble anyone significant.

Until now.

My mom is Rebecca Pearson from NBC's This Is Us

Abigail Crider

Fortunately, the similarity resides in looks alone and not in (SPOILER ALERT) the tragedy of losing a husband to a fire caused by a faulty crockpot and raising three kids with various personal issues by herself before remarrying a family friend.

I actually have to give my Dad credit for recognizing it first. Apparently, he likes the show better than my mom (though she defends she doesn't dislike This Is Us, she merely likes Downton Abbey better). After he pointed it out, my sister put together the side-by-side comparison, and it eventually made its way to Facebook, where most everyone agreed.

Adam Rozanas

All that to say, I finally understand why my mom keeps getting stopped in the store and asked, "Rebecca...?" 😂

Who's your doppelganger?