I want to start by saying that I'm NOT a nutritionist. But, I am a mom who cares a lot about what food my family is eating. I know that a lot of kids will be home for the summer with school ending soon. Don't just let them eat a bunch of junk. Here are some of my favorite healthy snacks that'll be perfect for on the go!


Protein balls
If you've got a sweet tooth and are a fan of monster cookies, then you'll love this recipe! It's basically peanut butter, oatmeal, honey, flax seed, protein powder and a few dark chocolate chips.

Mixed berries
Summer is the perfect time to buy and enjoy fresh fruit because this is when it's cheap at the grocery store. Berries are in season.

Cucumber sandwiches
I love these! It's a piece of meat and cheese sandwiched between two slices of cucumber. These are a light and refreshing snack! You could even go a little crazy with it and add a slice of tomato and a little avocado!

Healthy fruit smoothies
There's nothing better than a strawberry banana fruit smoothie to cool you off in the summertime. It's better than ice cream! I use almond milk as my nondairy substitute.

Minnesota Sushi
You know that platter of ham rollups at every Minnesota family get together? They make a perfect summer snack!

Protein pancakes
Use your favorite protein pancake recipe and top it with nut butter, a drizzle of honey, fresh berries and bananas. These make a great snack for on the go!

Apple bites
Hit up your apple tree in the back yard, cut out the core and slice them up how you prefer. I add peanut butter, a little granola and a few chocolate chips to the top. YUM!

Frozen chocolate covered banana on a stick
These are really easy to make! Pick up some popsicle sticks next time you're at the store. Peel your banana, insert the popsicle stick the long way and then dip the banana in dark chocolate. I usually like to sprinkle some peanuts on top...freeze and then enjoy!

3 ingredient brownies 
I just stumbled upon this recipe over the winter months with my sister. These are the best healthy brownies I've ever had--and they actually look like a real brownie!

Healthy banana protein muffins
I'm a muffin lover! Especially in the summer. There's something about sitting on my porch enjoying a warm muffin and watching the sunrise. This is a great muffin recipe!

Banana snack wrap
Use a whole wheat tortilla, spread some almond butter on it and add slices of banana. Roll it up and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite healthy snack you'd like to share with us? Comment your recipe and the link in the comment section below!

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