This past weekend my calm, well-behaved dog took on a totally new attitude. I adopted Norman back in March and he has always hated the kitchen in our house. It is a tri-level and he has always been content with staying up in the living room. Then Friday I came home to find him sleeping in my gym bag, on the kitchen floor!

Norman now things my gym bag is his bed and likes to sleep on the kitchen floor.
Norman now thinks my gym bag is his bed and likes to sleep on the kitchen floor.

That was so out of character for him! He was terrfied of the kitchen, why was he sleeping there?

Then on Sunday someone came to the door asking for a donation for a charity, and as my boyfriend was talking to them, Norman decided to run out the front door! He NEVER likes going out that door, ever! Luckily he just had to go potty and he didn't run away.

When I took him for a walk Sunday night he was being incredibly dramatic. We walk around the same neighborhood nightly. We always go later so it isn't too hot for him and he doesn't overheat. Every single shady spot we went past he thought he needed to lay down and take a break. There was A LOT of shady spots, and it wasn't THAT hot out.

My dog is now a moody teen and a new study proved it. According to the University of Nottingham in England, dogs go through a moody phases like we do, and it usually hits around 8 months old. I know Norman is older than 8 months, but I don't know his exact age because the Tri-County Humane Society didn't know it when I adopted him. Luckily "Pet Puberty" isn't supposed to last too long and he should snap out of it soon. I sure hope so, I want my low maintenance fur ball back!




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