It is getting dangerously close to the opening of firearm season here in Minnesota! Here are the things that are on my checklist for the weekend.

  • Blaze Orange - It seems like something that wouldn't be forgotten, but I'm a blonde so....
  • Gloves, not mittens - I have a ton of mittens and finding a pair of gloves is a challenge. Mittens are warm but not trigger friendly!
  • Extra insulating layer of clothes - In years past I have been sorely under-dressed for the weather. Not this year.
  • Extra socks - Ever got your boots wet trailing a deer and been stuck with soaking wet socks all day? That is not a trauma I wish to relive.
  • A good book - I know, I have heard it a million times, "You won't see deer with your nose in a book". But reading in the woods is therapeutic. Try it.
  • A fully charged video camera - About 6 years ago my dad and myself started bringing a video camera with us when hunting just to make silly commentary videos. It is a lot of fun to look back on years later!
  • Snacks - The quiet kind. Loud wrappers are a no go. My pro tip: transfer noisy snacks to a Ziplock bag.
  • My license - I 100% forgot to bring my license with last year. We had to turn around to go back home to get it. I learned my lesson.

What is on your checklist? Share it in the comments below!

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