The process from ordering something online through getting it in your mailbox can be stressful. Finding the best price, tracking the order, waiting and waiting and waiting.

Then the dreaded moment: Amazon says they have delivered your package "to your doorstep" but you don't see it anywhere. Suddenly, you are frantically searching your driveway and front porch for your package in your boxer shorts.

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No? Just me?

I looked high, I looked low, I looked everywhere I could go. Nothing. Conspiracy theories flew around my head.

Did a neighbor steal my package? Unlikely, we live in a pretty dec neighborhood. The mailman? Nah, he seems cool. Aliens?

I hopped on the mobile app and 'chatted' with a bot, who assured me in human language that they would send another item over right away at no charge. Great!

In the meantime I grabbed my kid to go play outside. When I turned the corner to go to the back yard, I saw it. My amazon package, nestled safely under a giant bush in our rock bed. Sweet!

Two days later, my new item arrived and I felt guilty. Because the cost of the item was under ten dollars, Amazon just told me to keep it. That doesn't feel right, I kind of feel like I am stealing.

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What would you do in this situation? Insist on returning the item? Keep it even though it is redundant and I don't need it? Get over it and move on with your life?

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