What new movies are hitting Parkwood 18 this weekend? What do we steal now and who is our Secret Celebrity? 

New at Parkwood 18 this weekend:

The Debt (R) - Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson play Nazi hunting spies, but the mission they carried out in 1966 may not have been the big success they thought it was.

Shark Night 3D (PG-13) - A group of college kids are trapped on an island and they're surrounded by sharks. 3D carnage ensues.

Apollo 18 (PG-13) - Think Paranormal Activity in space. There were only 17 missions to the moon that the public is aware of. This movie is about a secret 18th mission about two astronauts who went back to the moon to find out what happened to two cosmonauts.

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I love going to hotels and stealing the little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and body wash that the nice house keeping staff put in the bathroom, but now, there's a rumor that hotels are going to do away with them. According to USA Today, the little shampoo bottles are being replaced with pump canisters. Hotel owners say it cuts down on waste, but doesn't reduce cost, but you know they wouldn't do it if it wasn't a profitable move for them. For right now, the changes will be noticed Viceroy Hotels and Starwood Luxury hotels, but could soon be seen at other hotel chains too.

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