Secret Celebrity, what's new at Parkwood 18 and summer camp for adults!!  New at Parkwood 18 this weekend:

Captain America (PG-13) starring Chris Evans as Captain America, Hugo Weaving as Red Skull and Tommy Lee Jones as the officer running the experimental program that turns a scrappy kid into Captain America.

Friends With Benefits (R) starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis as friends who decide to "use each other" with no strings attached. Woody Harrelson and Jenna Elfman also star.

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Think summer camp is just for kids? Think again! There are several camps that are aimed at adults, too! Check it out:

Chef Camp - Put on by the Culinary Institute of America. There are two to five day camps that teach you how to cook gourmet foods. It costs $895 - $2195 plus tools.

Grape Camp - It's a camp for wine tasting in Sonoma. The cost for a three day camp is $1850 - $2000.

Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp - Join a band for a weekend and play a gig at a famous L.A. club. Cost is $2999 to $7999.

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