A three hour Celebrity Apprentice? Really? Really. Good thing we have a recap that's going to take about 45 seconds to read. Paula Abdul is baaaaack and how to tell your lawyer may not be a legitimate litigator. 

In the three hours of Celebrity Apprentice last night, I lost track of how many times Meatloaf cried. Seriously. Three people were sent packing on last night's epic episode. NeNe Leeks quit the show last night and Donald Trump was NOT happy about it. She just couldn't take Star Jones anymore and Donald let her know he wasn't happy she was throwing in the towel, he called her a quitter and told her that Star kicked her butt whether she likes it or not. LaToya Jackson was fired two weeks ago, but she came back last week to play for the men and they didn't want her either, so she was sent packing again and finally Star Jones got the boot as well. The task was to do a commercial for OnStar and Star was in charge of branding for the ad and the OnStar people hated it. Next week it's Part I of the season finale. You can watch the preview here.


The Million Dollar Question at the end of American Idol last season was, "Will the show survive without Simon and Paula?" I guess we got our answer. Now, the big question is, "Will X Factor with Simon and Paula take down American Idol?" Paula Abdul and Fox made it official yesterday saying that Paula will join Simon on X Factor when it premieres in September. Simon said that he missed Paula a lot and is happy to have her back on the show. Paula said that she is excited beyond words to be back with Simon. The other judges will be L.A. Reid and Cheryl Cole. Co-hosting duties are going to former Pussycat Dolls member Nicole Scherzinger and British singer/actor Steve Jones.

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