You became the thing you were supposed to replace!!!

Streaming is so embedded into our lives, watching it could be a part-time job.


A survey of 5,000 'Mericans showed that we stream over 21 hours of shows and movies every week.

Wyoming sucks is worse: 40% of residents in the state whose abbreviation questions anybody's choice of residing there (WY) stream over 50 HOURS of content every week.

MN IS #1!

Minnesotans LOVE true crime shows; in fact, we top the country in consumption of produced shows that glamorize crime...

...says the guy that plays GTA Photo by Artem Budaiev on Unsplash)
...says the guy that regularly plays GTA (Photo by Artem Budaiev on Unsplash)

We're not as lame as Idaho: they'll stream the same movie over and over and over...


Another stat to come out of the survey: over half of those polled...

Beavis (Right And Butt Head From The Movie Beavis And Butt Head Do America
"He said "poled"... (Getty Images)

...think hooking up on the first date is acceptable. Hey, if you're both feeling it, why not? If you disagree that's, just, like, your opinion, man. Try to (Netflix &) chill!


Variety may be the spice of life, but many folks beg to differ: 45% say that having different tastes in movie genres is a deal breaker for dating.

As long as you both enjoy watching documentaries about horrific events that happened to other people that use the same clichés of interviewees closing their eyes followed by the camera panning away from their face to use as a segue...good for you.

Glass Plate - Getty Images Hulton Archive
We've developed another transition piece! (Getty Images)


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