Moorhead's "rebel" Dairy Queen opened for the 70th year.

Not even falling snow and freezing temperatures could keep people from lining up outside Moorhead's Main Street Dairy Queen Friday, March 1.

"In most towns the seasonal Dairy Queen does not open March 1, still winter in Minnesota," reads a Facebook post from Moorhead native, commercial realtor and Commissioner at the Historic Preservation Commission-City of Fargo Jay Nelson. "In most towns, there’s no line at DQ in wintertime 10 degree weather. In most towns there wouldn’t be a line this long to get ice cream in these conditions. Most towns don’t have the 'Rebel Queen'. Moorhead isn’t most towns."

For its 70th year, Moorhead's "rebel" Dairy Queen opened its doors -- rebel because of a franchise contract signed that allows it to operate independently of corporate Dairy Queen.

"Corporate would love for us to disappear, no question about that," owner Troy DeLeon was quoted as telling Serious Eats in 2015.

Because of its independence, the Moorhead DQ at 24 S 8th St S can continue serving long-since discontinued menu items such as Monkey Tails, Chipper Sandwiches and Mr. Malties. Adding to the location's popularity is the fact that it does not offer indoor seating but is walk-up only; it also maintains that it was the first to create the Dilly Bar, though corporate fails to acknowledge that.

Bring Me The News reports that Moorhead's "Rebel Queen" has "frosty" relationships with corporate, considered a thorn in the chain's side they would love to see "melt away."

The Moorhead Dairy Queen location at the intersection of Main Street and 8th St. S is seasonal and only open March-October.


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