My wife and I are choosing to isolate ourselves at home this week.

It isn't easy for me. While my wife is more a home-body than I am, I prefer to be active, moving and productive. Staying home is testing every ounce of my will and -- admittedly -- I'm not entirely staying indoors. With nice weather over the weekend and into Monday, we took the dog out and enjoyed some fresh air and sunshine together with runs around the block or a hike at the Sherburne Nature Reserve (always staying six feet away from people we passed along the way, of course). So we could totally relate with one Minnesota woman's slightly hilarious walk during Minnesota's self-imposed quarantine.

Walking through Minneapolis, Kate Beahen stops to comment on everything from missing mass to the shock of taking a voluntary walk in March, the need for sunshine to keeping her money tucked under the bed like grandpa used to.

One of my personal favorite lines: "Between you and me, you can't trust anyone who graduates from high school in 2020, right? They didn't take any of those classes; they're just gonna get that diploma! Ufffda! I don't know about that!"

For a good laugh, give Kate's a video a watch for yourself!

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