Things are looking to be a bit more optimistic this year.  Last year we went through basically everything either being cancelled or modified. Like the Great Minnesota Get Together.  Last year it was turned into a drive through weird thingy.  Tickets were sold out for that, but it's nothing like the Minnesota State Fair that we are all used to.


Minnesota's State Fair is known for being one of the best state fairs in the country.  It's also the second biggest in the United States.  Texas holds that spot as being the largest.  Minnesota is number 2.  Crazy, right?

As more and more people are getting vaccinated, the outlook for having things go back to being more "normal" are looking better and better.

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Grandstand shows are scheduled to go on as planned and tickets are on sale.  And actually some are sold out.  Vendors are planning things as normal.  One of the most popular vendors, the Perfect Pickle posted on their Facebook Page eluding to them being back at the fair this year.

I would keep an eye on social media for your favorite vendors at the fair for more info as well.  It does look like things are starting to open up more, restrictions are being loosened more and more, and there has been the statement made by President Biden that he would like to see things "back to normal" by July 4th.  That might be super optimistic, but it sounds good to me!  That would we like almost 2 months ahead of the fair.  As much a I have complained in the past about people all over and it being super busy at the fair in the past, right now that actually sound pretty good considering what we've all been through.

Anyway, high hopes right now for a "normal" Minnesota state fair this August 26th through Labor Day, September 6th.

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