One week after announcing her retirement from professional skiing, MN's Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn crashed hard at the world championships.

During her super-G run in Sweden Tuesday, Vonn went airborn, her feet catching a gate, and crashed face-first before settling into the safety netting.

"Everybody, cross your fingers or hold your thumbs," her teammate Mikaela Shiffrin, who won the race, was quoted as saying. "That didn't look like a nice crash. She went really hard into the fence. Hopefully she is OK.''

Vonn was treated by a medical team before getting back on her feet and finishing the course on her own strength. According to the NBC announcers, that was a unique exception.

"Just as a matter of course, a skier that goes down like that, they'll take them off in the sled, injured or not. Lindsey Vonn was not going to make her final super-G trip down in a sled."

The "winningest woman in alpine history" announced her retirement last week, citing her many injuries, surgeries and body "broken beyond repair."

Vonn will conclude her career with a final downhill race Sunday.

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