The owner of Milton's Vittles, Vinos and Beer in Crystal, MN has gained the support of many after calling out rude and "not very nice" customers in a Facebook Live video.

Tuesday night, Francine Weber -- the owner of Milton's VVB in Crystal -- took to Facebook Live with a kind but passionate rant.

"Past couple of days, people have been not very nice coming in. I mentioned this before -- I get really upset when my staff isn't treated right."

The specifics, it seems, has to do with customers failing to respect or adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and wondering why some changes have been made.

"We've got customers coming in, sitting inside, walking around, not really taking into consideration the whole COVID thing. It's really kinda upsetting me quite a bit. And people just being mean." Some have also wondered why the restaurant raised prices and why certain items aren't on the menu. "We are all here trying to do the best we can."

Weber clarifies that the guilty individuals aren't regulars but "newbies." Regardless, she won't tolerate their behavior or attitude in her restaurant.

"I'm just gonna flat-out tell you -- if you can't check yourself when you go out anywhere, and be nice to people these days, maybe you need to think about staying at home. [...] I have got the most nicest, flexible and caring staff ever, and they don't deserve it, you guys...If I am here and it happens, I may ask you to leave."

It's been two weeks since Minnesota restaurants and bars were able to reopen indoor dining at 50% capacity. That comes after over three months of being banned from serving food under Governor Walz's stay-at-home orders.

Weber concludes her "rant" by quoting the bar manager of Park Tavern, saying, "What are your specials? Well, our specials are 'We're open.'"

In the 15 hours since the video was posted, it's been viewed over 3.3k times and received over 100 comments from people expressing their support.

"As a community member, I really appreciate you speaking out in support of your staff and the health of all," congratulated one. "Keep up the great work!"

"I don’t know your place but I grew up in New Hope and would love to come over & support your business," said another. "Easy enough to follow the rules & respect staff that is there to serve so that we can get out and enjoy some time away from home."

Milton's VVB is located at 3545 Douglas Dr N in Crystal.

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