Always able to find the humor in things (including serious situations), the Wyoming, MN Police Department shared a video of an officer playing "bumper cars" with a burning vehicle.

In the video posted to Twitter late Tuesday night, a police vehicle can be seen pushing a burning vehicle away from gas tanks.

The burning vehicle, however, "had a mind of its own" and can be seen rolling back into its former position before the squad truck pushes it away again.

WCCO reports that the driver of the burning vehicle was driving on Interstate 35 when the car started on fire and pulled off on the Viking Boulevard exit. He left his vehicle at the gas station before jumping into another vehicle and driving away. As of Wednesday morning, police were still looking for the driver.

The Wyoming, MN PD have been recognized in the past for their usually humorous or warm-hearted content on social media. In January 2020, they addressed the "cruel and unusual punishment" of certain "defenseless" victims (ie. babies in Green Bay Packers apparel). In February 2019, they posted a video to bring awareness of a little-known "anti-collision device" (the interior light switch for a headlights/taillights).

Follow the Wyoming, MN Police Department on Twitter for more wholesome content.

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