Just in time for another big snow storm, the Wyoming, MN PD are back at it with another hilarious video.

With record-breaking snow expected in Minnesota Wednesday, February 20 (we're currently on track to break the 26.5 inch snowfall record of 1962), the Wyoming, MN Police Department has shared a hilarious, only-slightly-tongue-in-cheek video revealing a little-known anti-collision device.

"C'mon and check this out, it's in every vehicle, I promise ya," says Officer Tony Zerwas as he makes his way to the cab of a truck and opens the door.

"If you just open your door, either to the left of the steering wheel -- there's a nice little knob here -- or sometimes its on your turn signal. But if you just take that little knob, turn it to the right, something wild happens. You gotta see it to believe it."

He then walks around to the front of the pickup and the back to show that the headlights and taillights have turned on.

"We want you to drive safe, we want you to be visible, we want you to use this anti-collision device."


Humor aside, making sure your lights are on during inclement weather isn't only encouraged for your own safety, it's necessary by law.

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