With Homecoming season upon us, Minnesota police departments are taking a big dump on an age-old tradition.

On Wednesday, the Lino Lakes Police Department took to Facebook with a photo of loads of toilet paper they'd confiscated.

The photo's caption went on to plead with parents to discourage their kids from TPing this year and reassuring community members that they are doing their best to "curb this activity."

"...please, pretty please, pretty please with a cherry on top," the post began, addressing parents, "talk with your high school aged young adults about the time honored tradition of 'TPing' and we would like you to discourage this behavior. We have received numerous complaints from residents about this activity."

But kids will be kids, right? Not if local PD have anything to say about it.

"We understand the argument of kids will be kids BUT we also understand community member’s frustration with this activity. Please help us stop this from continuing."

The post concludes with a note for those inquiring minds wondering where all the confiscated toilet paper -- which looks well beyond 300 rolls -- will go.

"...all confiscated toilet paper has been donated to the Centennial Food Shelf."

Naturally, the post has received a fair share of comments, with more people surprisingly supportive of kids TPing than against it.

"What is it really hurting?" asked one mom. "It’s Homecoming week. I have already spoken to my Littles about it and the difference between egging/real vandalism vs. TP. IMO it’s not really hurting anyone unless it’s a continued problem or part of a hate crime."

"We got tpd and ya know what? Life went on! It was all in good fun. We have enough to worry about," supported another. "Let the kids have fun!"

"I love the fact that these kiddos are carrying on tradition," added another mother.

See what people have had to say at the Facebook post here.

I mean, as far as kids out hooligan-ing goes, how bad can TPing get? (don't ask Howie Mandel)

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