You've probably heard by now about the drive-thru COVID-19 testing options available by doctor recommendation in Minnesota.

You may have wondered what that looks like. Wonder no longer.

Local musician Jeremy Messersmith took to Twitter Monday to share his experience, beginning with a post describing how he'd been feeling.

His symptoms, Messersmith shares, started with a "strange sore throat" that wouldn't go away. He chose to quarantine himself at home for a week before the symptoms flared up into fever, chills and loss of voice. His brother -- an ER doctor -- recommended he seek testing. After visiting, setting up a profile and scheduling a testing, the musician drove himself to the nearest drive-thru testing location in Brooklyn Park.

In the video below, Messersmith shares what the drive-thru testing experience was like.

As you can see, he's approached by staff in protective gear who explains the nasopharyngeal swab test she's about to perform. She then inserts the swab into his nose and back into his throat, which looks uncomfortable but is over in seconds.

Over the past week, M Health Fairview has been administering drive-up COVID-19 tests in four Twin Cities locations. Those samples are then passed on to the Minnesota Department of Health for analysis. Additional drive-thru testings at this time are available at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and the Mankato Clinic. You can find more information on drive-thru COVID-19 testing at the OnCare portal.

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