Our favorite magician-turned-prankster Justin Flom is at it again with another ridiculous prank video.

Every now and then we check in on Justin Flom -- a nationally-acclaimed magician and viral social media sensation originally from Minnesota. Last November, we featured a prank video in which he painted on a face mask and then walked through a store to see if anyone noticed.

Last August, Flom's wife -- often the recipient of his pranks -- got him back with a good prank of her own, convincing him that his motorcycle was making unusual noises.

In a new video Flom reveals his latest prank which seems to show a stool break, causing a metal rod to go up his...well...bumhole. The video starts with Flom displaying a metal stool with a cushioned seat. The seat, he reveals, can lock into place as well as slide up and down the metal rod. The metal rod, he also reveals, can be manipulated by springs.

Picking up the stool and joining a group of friends nearby, he sits down on the stool. Within seconds, the cushion gives way, sliding down the metal rod. Flom acts as if he just painfully sat on the metal rod as his friends look on in horror. As he stands up, revealing the protruding rod, one of his friend's asks in shock "Do we need to take you to the hospital?!"

The video has been viewed over 78 million times on TikTok alone. For more crazy pranks from Justin Flom, follow him on TikTok here.

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