In another fantastic TikTok video, Minnesota magician and social media prankster Justin Flom attempts walking around in public places with a mask painted on.

In a video posted last week, our favorite local source of entertainment Justin Flom sits in a car with his wife. "Pretty good odds of us getting kicked out," he addresses the camera as his wife films him applying blue paint around his mouth. A palette of water colors sits on his lap, and he uses his rearview mirror to guide his work. "This is gonna work," he says in a following clip, showing more confidence than before. "I just can't talk," he adds, referring to the blue paint covering his lips and mouth. With blue paint applied, Flom's wife applies white lines along the sides of his face to mimic the elastic bands of the common medical mask.

"So I forgot mine at home," Flom tells the camera, pointing at his painted-on face mask. "We're gonna see if I get into Walmart." "Oh my gosh..." his wife says, breaking into laughter. The scene cuts to reveal Flom filming himself as he walks into Walmart, walking past the front entrance attendee who doesn't seem to notice him. A little later, his wife whispers, "People have been looking at you though, cause they're like 'something's a little off." "What's important, though," Flom adds in the next shot, "is that I am staying six feet away from everyone." The shot cuts again to show Flom leaving Walmart with a full cart of groceries, his fake mask apparently having gone unnoticed or getting him kicked out. A final shot shows Flom at a different location where security does spot the video below to see what happens!

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