Sounds like it was a pretty "crappy" situation.

Abby Jimenez -- writer, author and owner of Nadia Cakes in Maple Grove -- recently took to Facebook to recount the hilarious tale of how her husband accidentally ate half a box of Exlax.

So last night my husband took some Ex-lax. Then this morning, some s*** started giong down. Like, literally. He looked at the packaging and realized that when it said to eat 1-2 squares, it meant the tiny squares, not an entire block.


He ate 12 DOSES of Ex-lax.

From there, the story only gets better (or worse, if you're her husband).

So I'm calling Poison Control because he thought he was dying and I literally cannot stop laughing. I'm barely able to talk, I'm laughing so hard. The guy on the other end probably thought it was a prank call. I swear to God, I hope they record their calls and enjoy that one at the staff meeting later because even thinking about me trying to explain that my 39 year old husband just ate a whole brick of Ex-lax is making me wheeze.


The guy was like, "The biggest risks are cramping, dehydration, and diaper rash."

Jimenez goes on to share that even the Poison Control guy got a kick out of it.

I was NOT ready for this dude to come at me with diaper rash. I completely lost it. My husband was so pissed (from the bathroom of course). The Poison Control guy kept chuckling and going, "Oh boy. Oooooooh boy. You'll need to get some Desitin."



For the record, she did have her husband's permission to share his tale of woe, though -- she admits -- she has "no idea why."

Predictably, the comments were equally hilarious to read:

"Tell him to book his colonoscopy, he has officially completed the PREP!"


"Imagine the things you could do by melting them bad boys down and dipping some strawberries in it hehe or some chocolate $hit cookies haha"


"Something tells me his relief wasn’t “gentle” at all"

Read the full story for yourself (be forewarned -- there's adult language!) below!

Time to fess up -- you ever had an Exlax mishap of your own?

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