Justin Flom is easily one of our greatest sources of entertainment.

A nationally-recognized magician and online viral prankster, we featured Flom a couple months ago after his wife -- who's usually on the receiving end of his pranks -- got him good with one of her own.

Now, Flom is back with another prank that's gone wildly viral with over 28 million views on TikTok! In it, he's in the bathroom with his wife who's doing her makeup at the mirror. Facing the camera with his back to her, Flom shows two tubes of M&M's. He also holds a package of hotdogs, their purpose becoming quickly clear as he slides a hotdog into one of the M&M tubes which is empty. The camera cuts to moments later as he shakes one tube filled with mini M&M's and the other, filled with the hot dog. "What are you doing?" his wife asks from the sink.

"I've got M&Ms. Can you hear it?" he asks her back, shaking the bottles. The one still filled with mini M&M's makes it sound like they're both filled with candy. The camera then cuts again to Flom challenging his wife to try to catch as many M&M's in her mouth as she can. To demonstrate, Flom opens the tube filled with real M&M's, holds it above his head and tips it back. Candy falls over his face as he tries to catch as many as he can in his mouth. "You're gonna do way better than me," he assures his wife, giving her the tube filled with the hot dog.

The camera cuts again to him counting his wife down who's about to attempt the same thing. We won't ruin the ending for you here, but you should definitely go ahead and watch the video for yourself below!

With Halloween on the way, now we've got tricks AND treat ideas! Thanks, Justin!

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