Don't get between a man and his motorcycle!

Minnesota magician Justin Flom has quite the list of accolades. He's opened stadium shows for Florida Georgia Line. He's performed in front of stars like Lady Gaga, Nick Jonas, John Legend, Ashley Tisdale, Kerry Washington and more. He's made television appearances with Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden and Seth Myers. He's been named a top “Ten Magicians to Watch in 2015” by, “Ten Magicians to Watch in 2015” by Buzzfeed and “Best Up-And-Coming Entertainer” by Las Vegas Weekly. Flom has amassed 151k followers on Instagram, 1 million followers on Facebook and 2.3 million followers on TikTok. And yet -- despite all his success and accolades -- he's still a prank-loving kid at heart.

Many of Flom's videos on TikTok see him performing magic tricks or pulling pranks on friends and family for the benefit of viewers. In one recent video, he pretends to have a stomach ache. When his friend comes to check on him, he freaks her out by appearing to separate his bottom half from his top.

In another video, he pretends to accidentally staple his finger into a board. His wife doesn't realize it's a prank even after he uses the "stapled" finger to show her where to remove the staple from.

Well, in Flom's latest video on TikTok, his wife gets him back with a good prank of her own. Give it a watch for yourself below!

@justinflomHe was so mad 😡 seriously chill bro!♬ original sound - justinflom

For more great pranks and magic videos from Minnesota magician Justin Flom (and his wife!), follow along on TikTok here.

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