A video of some Minnesota kids sending messages to their military dad overseas through their Ring doorbell is warming hearts everywhere.

Ring has shared a video compilation of 7-year old Zerick and 5-year-old Petroula of Forest Lake, MN sending messages through the ring doorbell to their dad Major Peter DeCrans deployed in the Middle East.

"Watching the videos of my kids was the highlight of my day," said Major DeCrans in another video shared by Ring. "It made a really hard deployment much more bearable."

The idea to use the videocam doorbell to send messages came from Major DeCran's father-in-law. The video above shows quick shots of Zerick and Petroula as they greet their dad, tell him about their day or just act goofy.

"It's just their goofy personalities," says DeCrans. "Like the way that they're...my daughter might be talking to me on the Ring, and my son's giving her bunny ears behind her or doing a little dance. It's the mannerisms that meant a lot. It really made me feel connected."

“You could just tell that it helped them deal with the deployment,” says DeCran's wife Cierra. “They went up to [the Ring doorbell], and they just knew that [their dad] was going to be on the other end.”

Major DeCrans has been in the Army for more than 20 years, Ring shared in a blog post. He has three deployments under his belt including -- most recently -- Kuwait, where he was stationed for about 10 months.

“Ring definitely made me feel like I was always home," said Major DeCrans, "being able to see the faces of my kids, what they were wearing, what my wife was wearing, seeing the neighbor kids coming to sell Girl Scout cookies and Christmas wreaths—things like that.”

Watch the full heartwarming video above.

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