A Minnesota principal's call for the "rest of the village to stand up" is serving as a timely and appropriate reminder that the well- being of children isn't the school system's responsibility alone.

Mauri Friestleben, the principal at North High School in Minneapolis, recently took to Facebook with some impassioned words for everyone to hear. Addressing the immediate concerns and needs of children unable to attend school due to the COVID-19 virus, she called for the rest of the community to step up and help.

"Now is the time for the rest of the village to stand up. Schools have burdened too many social responsibilities for too long. As evidenced by these very non 'school' concerns around closing schools."

The "non 'school' concerns" she's referring to include how the students' meals, love from mentor figures and other basic human needs.

"And we wonder why there’s a so-called 'achievement gap,'” Friestleben continues. "Look at what your country’s schools have been managing: everyone else’s responsibilities. So now is the time for the rest of the village to rise up. To help bear this burden with us."

The former principal of Lucy Craft Laney Elementary School in Minneapolis, known for her abundance of selfless love for her students, goes on to call on churches, organizations, the politically-connected and the private sector to step in and help.

"And when school is back on again, remember how quick we’ve been in the past to label schools as failing that were providing these lifelines all along," she concludes. "Maybe we could use this opportunity as one to collectively purge ourselves of this poison we can’t stop drinking and admit that schools are so much more than a test score."

Friestleben has been recognized before for her work in and passion for the Minnesota school system. Back in January, she joined KARE 11's TODAY Show.

She's also the focus of a movement and documentary called Love Them First.

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