An assistant coach with the Wayzata High School boys basketball team has been dismissed after an altercation with an opposing player, according to FOX 9. The incident happened on January 28th when Wayzata was taking on Minnetonka.

A video appears to show a brief confrontation between the coach, Ryan Freeberg, and an opposing player, Ibrahim El-Amin, during the game. After a whistle, the coach slings the ball underhanded toward El-Amin, who looks like he wasn't expecting the ball to be sent his way.

After an unclear exchange between El-Amin and Freeburg, the game continued.

However, after the game Freeberg and El-Amin again found themselves engaged in a conflict before being separated by officials, coaches and players. The exchange is brief but it does appear that the coach makes physical contact with the young man in question.

El-Amin's dad, Minnesota basketball legend Khalid El-Amin, took to Twitter to call out Freeberg's conduct.

Officials with Wayzata Public Schools told Fox 9 that the coach is no longer employed by the school.

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