Just in time for the big game, Minnesota's beloved Top The Tater is available across the USA! Top The Tater partnered with Twin Cities based meal kit service Local Crate to deliver this delicious dip to the rest of the country. There are even a couple different options to choose from.


The State Crate - $49
This one is for Minnesotans only. It is a full meal kit, containing Top The Tater, recipes and ingredients for smokey Sriracha chicken wings, bacon and cheddar potato skins, chips and vegetables for dipping. It even comes with limited edition Top the Tater swag! Serves 6 - 8 and has free shipping!

The National Crate - $10 (plus express shipping to make sure your precious TTT arrives at a food-safe temp)
The holy trio of three Top The Tater Flavors, original, taco fiesta, and zesty buffalo. This crate also comes with limited edition Top The Tater swag!

Order your limited edition Top The Tater crate here, and get ready to consume copious amounts of the delicious dip during the big game next weekend!

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