The Minnesota Department of Transportation will increase the speed limit of 5,240 miles of state highways from 55mph to 60mph.

I often drive Highway 10 to get to and from work and so was admittedly un-thrilled last fall by the sudden appearance of speed limit cameras between St. Cloud and Big Lake. Perhaps you noticed them, too.

Turns out, the cameras were most likely part of an ongoing study by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, who just released the results of said study and a decision to increase the speed limit of rural, two-lane state highways from 55mph to 60mph.

According to MnDOT, drivers were going that speed anyway.

Of the 7,000 miles studied since 2014, 71% of them -- including some Central Minnesota highways -- will see a speed increase. Some new speed limit signs have already been placed, with the rest to be posted by the spring.

Some of the Central Minnesota highways to see the speed limit increase include:

MN 4 from I-94 to Meire Grove
MN 4 from Meire Grove to Greenwald
MN 4 from from Greenwald to Lake Henry
MN 4 from from Lake Henry to MN 55
MN 15 from I-94 to St. Augusta
MN 15 from from St. Augusta to Kimball
MN 15 from from Kimball to Dassal
MN 15 from from Dassal to Iowa
MN 25 from Montrose to Buffalo
MN 25 from Buffalo to Monticello
MN 25 from Monticello to Big Lake
MN 25 from Becker to Foley
MN 25 from Foley to Buckman
MN 25 from from Buckman to Pierz
MN 25 from from Pierz to Brainerd

For a full (very long) list of highways seeing the speed increase, start at page 24 of MnDOT's study here.

Source: MnDOT

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