Sip, slap and score at this year's Winter Beer Dabbler.

After missing last year due to COVID, the "biggest and best winter beer festival in Minnesota" returns to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Saturday, February 19.

"We’re beyond excited to welcome you all back to the Mighty Midway to sample great beer from breweries all over the United States while enjoying music, food trucks, and other thrilling attractions," reads the Winter Dabbler's website.

Attendees will not only get to sip their way through over 125 breweries, ciders and wineries from across the country; they'll also get to slap some pucks and score in epic fashion. Festival organizers revealed Monday that the largest bubble hockey game in the U.S. will also be at the fairgrounds for some wintry fun.

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"Winter Beer Dabbler 2022 will be home to the United States's largest bubble hockey game – Human Bubble Hockey in The WonderDome, brought to you by Can Can Wonderland and Beer Dabbler!"

Beer Dabbler via Facebook
Beer Dabbler via Facebook

"Two teams of four will go head-to-head inside our life-sized bubble hockey inflatable for six-minute rounds of pulse-pounding, puck-slapping action. Assemble your team and get your tickets today!"

Tickets for the Winter Beer Dabbler are $55 for General Admission in advance ($65 day of), $75 Early Access in advance ($85 day of), and $20 for a designated driver in advance (30 day of). Should the Beer Dabbler event be postponed due to COVID-19, the backup date is Saturday, April 9 2022. Find full details and book your tickets for the 2022 Winter Beer Dabbler here.

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