Burning Brothers Brewing's seasonal Cranberry Winter Shandy is worth the wait!

Exploding beer cans aside, Burning Brothers Brewing in St. Paul keeps forging ahead as one of Minnesota's -- and now the country's -- best breweries.

USA Today just named Burning Brother's Cranberry Winter Shandy one of the Top 10 Best Gluten-Free Beers in the country at #4!

"While Cranberry Shandy isn't always available at Burning Brothers Brewing in Saint Paul," the 10Best article reads, "it's well worth waiting for. This holiday release gets tartness from local cranberries and citrus notes from American hops."

Burning Brothers' Cranberry Winter Sherry made an initial list of top 20 by a USA Today panel but was ultimately voted for by fans.

Gluten-free beer is made by replacing barley -- one of the four main ingredients --with alternative ingredients like sorghum, rice, millet, lentils and nuts. The results can be surprisingly tasty!

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