Brody Criz just proved he's one seriously creative kid. Brody is preparing for his Bar Mitzvah, but instead of sending out mailed invitations, he's taking his announcement of the big day the next level -- a very funny, topical, entertaining level.

Brody produced a video announcing his impending bar mitzvah that came complete with relevant pop cultural references. His entire family got in on the fun, and everyone (with the possible exception of one grumpy brother) seemed to have a great time spoofing popular songs for the invitation video.

The video begins with Brody dancing down a street while singing Pharrell's "Happy." His family appears to recreate the song's video alongside him. There's one difference, though: Instead of singing "I'm happy," Brody croons "I'm Jewish!" and urges viewers to "clap along if [they] feel like Old Testament is the truth."

Brody goes on to sit at a piano and perform his own version of John Legend's "All Of Me" with lyrical changes that include, "All of me would love all of you to come attend my Mitzvah party. My mom will probably cry and get all snotty."

Next up is a parody of Lorde's "Royals," but here the repeated phrase "we'll never be royals" becomes "I'm allowed to be spoiled."

Finally, Brody sings a version of "Let It Go," which doesn't have any Bar Mitzvah jokes, but is something Brody always wanted to sing. The final song just might be the most entertaining of all: Brody takes on "Blurred Lines" and let's just say this -- his commitment to recreating the song's controversial music video is serious.

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