I am honestly a little embarrassed by this. Shouldn't we all have this recipe memorized by heart? Also, is this really a Super Bowl food? Minnesota's most-searched Super Bowl food is Tater Tot Hot Dish. What? I have NEVER been to a football watch party and ate Tater Tot Hot Dish. It isn't a football food to me! Hot Dish is for busy week nights, church events, or impressing out of state guests. Not for cheering on your favorite team.


Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am the weird one that doesn't serve hot dish at my parties. Or maybe General Mills just messed up on our state when doing the study. Either way, I can about guarantee that there will be no Tater Tot Hot Dish on my table this coming Sunday. If you do need a recipe, use this one. And I recommend sprinkling bacon bits on top. It's a game changer.

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