Minnesota is known for many things, having 10,000 lakes, coining the term hotdish, having measurable snow at least six months of the year...and, Bloody Mary's? The website Thrillist just compiled a list of the most popular cocktails from each state and Minnesota got paired with the tomato drink.

I consider myself to be the ultimate Minnesotan--I have the accent, the taste buds and the 'Minnesota nice' personality to boot. However, this is one Minnesota tradition that I can't get behind. Who even likes these drinks? I feel like Bloody Mary's are confused and they don't understand who they are. They're trying to be something they aren't.

Here's what I mean...on a cold day in Minnesota, it's nice to make a pot of steamy hot tomato soup with a side of melty grilled cheese. It warms the soul. A Bloody Mary is basically cold tomato soup in a cup...with giant burgers and pizzas coming out of the top--why?! Are you lunch or are you a drink?!

Sorry Minnesota, but this is one tradition that I just can't see myself getting behind in this lifetime. Instead, can we make mimosas our new favorite drink?

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