The Super Bowl is like the Super Bowl of snack eating. Calories don't count (although one study says we will consume 8,000 calories per person) on Super Bowl Sunday.

According to Google Trends, Georgia's favorite Super Bowl snack is Korean BBQ. That sounds like a winning tradition to me. Wisconsin, Missouri and Kansas all love buffalo chicken dip, which is definitely among my favorite treats for the big game.

Wyoming is weird as heck and would prefer a chia seed coconut milk dessert, whatever that is. Seven layer dip is among the most popular in the country with four states claiming it as their favorite.

Minnesota's choice is kind of bland and disappointing. A lot of the states' favorites are things that you cook yourself and serve hot, like barbecue, wings or birria tacos. Here in the north star state our favorite is apparently Chex Mix.

No disrespect to Chex Mix or anything but that's such a weak choice to be anyone's FAVORITE Super Bowl snack. I mean, come on! You can have that anytime. There must be hundreds of thousands of bags of it sitting on shelves and in boxes around the world.

In fact, Minnesota is the only state in the country to pick a store-bought item as its favorite football food.

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